Alick Macheso is born

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ALICK Macheso’s much awaited “August baby” was finally born on Sunday — exactly NINE days before the month ends.. As she had hinted to this publication in April, Macheso’s second wife Tafadzwa Mapako INDEED gave birth to an ‘August baby’ — a bouncing baby boy at Baines Clinic.

The new tot saw the world at 2153hrs on Sunday night and weighed 3,1 kilogrammes. He was named Alick Jnr or Zvikomborero. He is Macheso’s SECOND (official) son. H-Metro visited the elated Tafadzwa yesterday upon personal invitation and the 28-year-old mother could not hide her joy. The ever smiling mother said; “I feel proud to be a mother.”

“I am on top of the world and I can’t even explain how I feel. “It’s a dream come true. “Handikwanisi kutsanangura,” said Tafadzwa who was visibly over the moon. Tafadzwa recalled her labour period. “I came here (hospital) on Sunday afternoon. The labour pains were extensive and they rushed me here.

My gynaecologist, Dr Matsaba told me that I was safe and that I will have a normal delivery.” “It was painful but the agony I went through is bonding my relationship with my son. I love him so much and he is the best thing that ever happened to me.” She said the name Alick was already given to the ‘unborn child’ soon after she underwent a scan.

“I went for scan and it was revealed that it was a baby boy. “My husband said he was going to name him Alick.” “They even called me Mai Ali before I gave birth,” she laughed. Macheso’s first wife Nyadzisai was among the relatives who thronged the clinic to welcome the new addition to the ever-so burgeoning Macheso household.

And as has become the gospel; there is officially NO RIVALRY between the two co-wives. Nyadzisai said she was proud of Tafadzwa and that she had silenced many critics who were fond of poking their noses into their affairs. She declared that Alick (jnr) was also her second son. “Ini ndiri kufara kutokunda Tafadzwa wacho.

(I am happier than Tafadzwa).” “This is our son, ndewedu tese mwana uyu. “We really wanted a boy in our family and God has granted us one.” “I have four girls Sharon, Melisa, Monalisa and Stacy,” she said visibly beaming. “Macnalt, the third born, is our only other son and today he has a brother.”

“This is a blessing to us. “Apa Tafadzwa agona. Anyararidza vavengi vaida kuputsa musha waAlick.” (Tafadzwa has managed to silence all haters who were out to destroy our family). Nyadzisai told H-Metro that she will be staying at Tafadzwa’s Eastlea home nursing the new baby and the new mother.

“I will be taking care of the baby until such time Tafadzwa knows how to handle him.” “Mainini will be discharged tomorrow and we will be staying at her house in Eastlea. The children will be in Chitungwiza.” “Tafadzwa is young and there are things she doesn’t know concerning babies. I will be there to help her until she heals,” said Nyadzisai.

Nyadzisai was all over the maternity ward as she held the baby, kissing her and posing for pictures.
It was NOT clear whether this act was exaggerated or genuine elation. Macheso’s uncle, Sekuru Silva said he was happy that their clan was growing. “Dzinza rakura nekuzvarwa kwaitwa mukomana uyu. We are happy for Tafadzwa.”

“The whole family is happy and we will organise a party to celebrate the birth of Alick (jnr),” said the uncle. Macheso Snr is said to have visited Tafadzwa four hours after delivery and he was ecstatic about the child. “He was here around 2am. He was coming from a show. Daddy was so excited that he sang for me as he admired the baby. As of now, he is practicing at Aquatic Complex and he will come during the evening visiting hour,” Tafadzwa said.

The birth might have come as a HUGE relief to the bigamous marriage following reports that Tafadzwa had a history of suffering from miscarriages. At her own admission, she usually miscarried during the second month of her pregnancies but this time it seems Macheso struck the right chord!

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