Impressed fans offer free sex to Peter Moyo & Tryson Chimbetu

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Published on February 11, 2012 with 2 Comments

EXCITED and jubilant music lovers particularly women mobbed musicians, Peter Moyo and Tryson Chimbetu after the show with many offering free sex with the two musical geniuses.

They openely offered free sex and it took the services of the police to restore order.

The commotion happened at Odyssey Restaurant in Kadoma .

While it could not be established what eventually happened to the young musicians, it is believed that they managed to emulate the Bibilical Joseph who resisted a tempting sex offer from Potiphar’s wife.

They are young, hard-working and urbane.

Despite losing their fathers in their early 20s, they have managed to be their own men as they sustain their families and band members from the art they inherited from their departed dads.

On a weekly basis, they hold an average of three sold out gigs, a feat that has seen them being rated among the country’s future sungura virtuosos.

In short, this sums the road Peter Moyo and his friend Tryson Chimbetu have travelled so far.

The two pint-sized crooners should be credited for being blessed with BIG minds that guarantee them a bright future.

As for the doubting Thomases, one ought to have been at Odyssey Restaurant in Kadoma last weekend to accept this reality.

Peter and Tryson delivered a polished act that left both Dendera and sungura lovers in awe.

The Young Igwe, as Peter is fondly known, enchanted the crowd with his late father’s compositions while Tryson won many hearts as he played both his own stuff and that composed by the departed Chimbetus of song — his dad Naison, and uncles Simon and Briam.

For Tryson, it was his first outing in Kadoma. After being weaned by Alick Macheso, the Young Igwe was back in his favourite hunting ground.

They pair, who complemented each other, justified why they are rated among the country’s finest.

First to appear on stage was Tryson who sent the crowd wild with such songs as One Way, Mama Elizabeth, and Saina among others.

Peter appeared on stage around midnight and received a rapturous reception.

Ladies literally fell on him and the police had to be called to control the ecstatic ladies who nearly broke the stage to give Peter a handshake.

When order was restored, he sent them into delirium as he played hit after hit.

His selection comprised Ganda Remvura, Muchina Muhombe, Samanyemba among other hits you can think of.

Spencer Khumulani’s absence was NEVER felt as his replacements of the night, Savious Kakodzi, and Ronnie Mudhindo had a good day in office.

Peter and Tryson thanked their fans and vowed to continue working hard and fulfil their late fathers’ wishes.

They even vowed to accept criticism and to have a better working relationship with the media.

“Without the media support, we cannot go anywhere and we are grateful for the support. We also want to thank our fans who have rallied behind us over the years for their support.

“We don’t forget our fans,” said Peter as Tryson consented by nodding.



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  1. Peter we love u perfomance yako inotifadza bt plz ignore about spence and shigashiga imbwa dzadzichida kuuraya band

  2. Peter and Tryson flock together as they are birds of the same furthers. U a all wonderful n focus on yo carreers. U a promising citizens

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